Last Wednesday the brakes gave out (gently!) on my ‘72 Sonett. It turns out the steel braided line to the left front wheel had been worn through. I ordered a new set of lines from West of Sweden and today they arrived, so I figured I’d be back on the road tomorrow.

Unfortunately its never that easy…

Brake-lines The good part is that the old brake line came off easily. The bad, and confusing, part is that the brake line looks nothing like the replacement lines. I trust West Of Sweden sent me the right parts, so I can only assume the previous owner came up with some sort of alternative solution.

Old brake line and adapter Here is a close-up of the old brake line and the adapter which was fit into the back of the caliper. Notice the female fittings on the line and the cut in the line on the lower right.

Chassis-side Brake-Line Mount The male fitting on the chassis fits the old brake line, and I can’t imagine how a female fitting would look on the chassis. Also, how is that nut supposed to come off? Its in-set in that channel, so its impossible to get a wrench in there.

Back of the Caliper Does this back of the caliper. Is this correct? I was concerned the fitting might have been drilled out and had some sort of sleeve fit into it.