I’ve switched offTheHill from “Typo”:http://typosphere.org/ to “Wordpress”:http://wordpress.org/.

Typo has some great features; its simple, easy to set up, the pages are elegant and nicely AJAX enabled. I loved the live preview when writing new posts. Also, the Ruby-on-Rails code is elegant and simple.

The problem is, I got tired of the Application Error - Rails app failed to start properly” messages, and I’m sure that wasn’t getting me any repeat readers (like anyone reads this anyway).

So, I used “Dreamhost’s”:http://www.dreamhost.com one-click install to install Wordpress onto a development sub-domain. Then I used Max Newell’s “typo4.1 migration guide”:http://www.thirdbit.net/articles/2007/06/25/typo-to-wordpress-migration/ to import my articles and comments. Categories didn’t seem to carry over, but since I have less than a hundred posts, I don’t mind manually updating them.

I also needed to install the “Textile 2 plugin”:http://idly.org/category/textile because I used Textile in all my Typo posts. Now I can keep using it, and I don’t have to update my old posts.

Lastly, I installed the “Flickr Tag”:http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/flickr-tag/ plugin to take the place of the typo:flickr plugin. Unfortunately, since the markup format isn’t the same, I need to go through all my posts and update them. Its not a terrible job though, so no big deal.