I’ve been evaluating Zenfolio and Smugmug, as more professional alternatives to Flickr. I don’t have the money to waste on two subscriptions, so I got trial accounts for both (you don’t need a credit card for either, which is great), and gave them a shot.

I soft of gravitated to Zenfolio, its admin interface made more sense to me, I liked the page layouts better, and its wicked fast. I know a few people with Smugmug galleries though and they are pretty slick too.

Unfortunately, Zenfolio doesn’t have a Wordpress plugin, but they do have an API, and offer direct links to various sizes of your pictures.

Here’s a photo I took over the Vermillion lakes in Banff. I had to do the formatting manually, but was able to quickly cut and paste the links from Zenfolio’s admin page:

Feel free to click here and order a print for yourself! :)