On an optimization kick, I found SK Tools. It was able to find a free up about 12 megs of disk space, mostly by finding and clearing the IE cache. You could save yourself the money and just clear your cache yourself I suppose.

SK Tools does some other useful stuff though. Using its “Tune Up!” feature, you can tweak PIE to store its temporary files on your storage card, which will keep it from sucking up your fixed storage memory again. You can adjust the size of the font cache and other settings to tweak memory usage for performance, memory, or stability.

Lastly, there is a backup utility (with scheduling), a benchmark utility, system information page, and a registry editor.

The only real downside I can find is that the UI crams a lot of information into a tight space, and it suffers for it.

While I don’t think I’m willing to spend $13 on this tool (but I’ll let you know if I do), as neat as it is, its a pretty good bundle. I wish there was an open source tool like this.