Today (January 13, 2009) I went to the Wilmington RMV at 4:30 pm to register a new car. Upon arrival, I asked for registration, and without waiting I was called to Booth 12. “This is going well” I though, “no waiting!”.

As soon as I reached booth 12 however, the clerk behind the counter took and immediately aggressive tone with me. She told me I couldn’t register my car without a bill of sale, then asked, “Didn’t the insurance company tell you that?”. What sort of passive aggressive interrogation is that? Obviously not, or I would have brought my bill of sale. She then asked, “How else will we know how much you paid for it?”

I then had the temerity to suggesting that I thought the sale price was written on the title. “Do you see a place for the price?” she asked.Â

At no point was I aggressive, rude, or even insistent, however, I was treated as if I had been wasting hours of the clerks time. Tail between my legs, I had no choice but to drive the 30 minutes back to work.Â

Only after arriving back at work did I realize:

1) The title DOES have a spot for sale price. In fact, its the first field on the back of the title.

2) I had the bill of sale for the new car in the glove box of my current car. Perhaps if I hadn’t been so abused, I would have remembered that, and I could have saved my self AND THE RMV some time and money.

So I’m left wondering:

1. What is it about the RMV that requires the clerks to abuse their customers?Â
2. Why don’t the RMV registration clerks, who work with titles all day long, not know the back of the Mass Title form has a place for price of sale?Â
3. Do I actually need a bill of sale?Â
4. What have the drivers of Massachusetts done that they must be treated like complete idiots?Â
5. What was so important that the clerks in Wilmington couldn’t spend a few minutes at the end of a long day being a wee bit nicer?

Shame on me for not thinking faster on my feet or remembering to get the clerks name.

Shame on the RMV for being such an inhospitable hell hole; Its reputation is well deserved.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your response.