I found more reports of people having the same trouble I’m having with their expired Live ID’s here, and here. It appears a Microsoft employee named M3 Sweatt commented 13 days ago asking the original poster to comment on his blog with a description of his problem, so maybe something can be done. I don’t know if he has the power to do anything, but I’ll try and contact him too and see if I hear back.

If you have the same problem, I urge you to comment on this thread at GetSatisfaction.com, maybe if enough people comment, Microsoft will finally do something about the problem.

It is now day 6 and I still haven’t heard anything from the official MS channels. Its amazing that in this day when there are companies like Zappos.com that give their employees the authority to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer, there are also companies like Microsoft that get away with such obvious disregard for theirs.