Since the latest Mac operating system Snow Leopard adds Exchange support to iCal, I thought maybe now I could reach the holy-grail: Syncing my work calendar, in Exchange, to Google Calendar.

This would effectively let me see my business meetings on my Android-based cell phone.

I had tried various tricks and tools before, but nothing ever quite worked. But today I tried BusySync, and it seems to work great.

All you need to do is setup iCal to access your Exchange server, then in BusySync’s Google tab, check the off the calendar you want to upload in the ‘Publish to Google’ list.

There are two problems with this solution however:

  1. Changes made to the calendar on Google aren’t synced back to iCal, and worse, they seem to be lost from Google.
  2. The calendar name shown in Google is pretty awkward, its currently ‘Calendar[<user@exchangeserver>]’.
    I was hoping to try out Spanning Sync and see if it’s similar features would handle Exchange calendars as well, but unfortunately I have tried Spanning Sync in the past, and my trial has expired, so I can’t evaluate its behavior.