I wanted to refresh my knowledge of functional programming, A-Star search, and I figured learning Clojure at the same time couldn’t hurt. I figured I’d do all three at once, and throw in a health dose of Maven and Java at the same time.

This project was intended to:

  1. Refresh myself on how to do functional programming
  2. Refresh my knowledge of A* search
  3. Help me learn Clojure
  4. Demonstrate Java interoperating with Clojure
  5. Demonstrate Maven as a viable build system for Clojure
    Download The Demo Here

Once downloaded, unzip the zip file and open a terminal.

You now have three options:

Review the Source Code

The meat of the code is all in Clojure, here:


There is a bit of boot-strap Java code in the following file, but I can’t say its all that interesting:


Running from Source

If you are on a Mac, or you already have Maven and Java installed, just run the following:

cd astar && mvn test

Maven will download all the needed packages and then compiled and execute the demo.

Running from Binary

If you are on Linux, or have cygwin installed on Windows, you can run the following:

cd astar/bin/ && ./run-astar