For everyone who has been asking, I’ll try and write semi-regularly about what life in China is like, and you should be able to find all of those posts in the China category.

The trip over went smoothly, but was grueling since I had to change once in Detroit and once in Tokyo. I had never been to either airport, and both were clean and nice. The Detroit airport has an indoor tram system which is pretty cool.

I left at 9 am on Sunday and arrived at 10 pm on Monday. If you subtract the 13 hour time difference this works out to about 24 hours of pure travel, most of which was spent inside one plane or another. I got an external USB battery pack for my phone and loaded its MicroSD card with 4 movies. This worked great and lasted for about 3/4 of the flight over the Pacific.

For those who are into such things, I saw a bunch of Totoro in a Japanese gift shop at the airport: